For women living alone, each odd noise can feel like the beginning of a horror movie. With the Hello Video Doorbell by Google Nest, you can stop jumping to scary conclusions by always knowing what's at your door.
Guerilla Posters:
Spoofed horror film posters will be placed at movie theaters around the country to create buzz.
Women will be encouraged to share their own not-so-scary moments on social platforms. User's #HouseholdHorrors stories will automatically appear on Google Nest's microsite via the tag.
Housewarming Gift:
Google Nest will gift a free white noise playlist via app and mailer to women who have just purchased a new home on their own.
Mini Movie (Tiktok):
What if hit horror movies had the Hello Video Doorbell?
Art Direction and Copy: Me, Laura Panthofer
This campaign is not associated with and does not reflect the brand shown. This artwork is solely for the purpose of personal student portfolio use.
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