Discover yourself here, in the symmetry of this telling and unforgiving corner of the world. 
A lo-fi playlist will be made available to any Spotify user completely ad-free. Users who do not have Spotify premium will be led to this curated playlist through the following radio ad below.
Meditation Pods:
Placed in busy, noisy city settings, these pods will act as a noise-canceling 'Silentium' allowing city dwellers to find a moment of calm. Inside will be an Arizona landscape-inspired set up.
Calm App Partnership:
Arizona Tourism will partner with the Calm App to offer 30 days of free membership. Through Instagram, users will be taken to a microsite where they can access the introspective experience. 
Microsite for Phones
Microsite for Phones
Yoga-related merch will be given to influencers, such as Adriene, to use in Youtube content. They will promote travel to Arizona, the gear, and where to find it on the tourism site.
Select merchandise will be gifted on national flights to help increase tourism in Arizona. Flyers will be encouraged to post about the in-flight items to create UGC and contagion.
Art Direction: Me, Laura Panthofer | Copy, Audio: Laura Panthofer
This campaign is not associated with and does not reflect the brand shown. This artwork is solely for the purpose of personal student portfolio use.
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