Warby Parker has a large share of the market, yet remains an overlooked brand with no age-group specific consumer. To truly get WP on the radar of young adults, we marketed it as the quickest way to get the exact frames you want.
Magazine Ads:
High-fashion style ads will be placed in fashion magazines well populated by our TA, such as Vogue.
Vending Machine:
Interactive Billboard:
This ad will act as a real-life mirror. Placed in popular urban areas, the board will automatically change to a virtual glasses try-on as the passerby checks themselves out. 
New Packaging:
Warby on Wheels:
Warby will bring the try-on experience to the areas where shipping their glasses take the longest.
Art Direction: Me, Kendall Anderson | Copy: Samantha Powers, Julia Grisemer
This campaign is not associated with and does not reflect the brand shown. This artwork is solely for the purpose of personal student portfolio use.
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