Old Bay's taste is indescribable - it simply tastes like Old Bay. The only way to truly understand the seasoning's flavor is to try it yourself.
Ads with indescribably delicious recipes will be placed in popular lifestyle magazines. Readers will be encouraged to try cooking with Old Bay with a sample of the product attached.
Cook Book:
Pop-Up Restaurants:
After the book is released for 3 months, Old Bay will create pop-up restaurants in malls across the country. The menu will feature the fan-favorite recipes from the book, allowing anyone to try the seasoning in a modern, convenient way.
Old Bay will engage with users on Twitter, introducing the search for the world's first Old Bay Sommelier. Whoever has the best answer will receive a prize basket fit for any Old Bay fanatic.
Art Direction: Me, Kendall Anderson | Copy: Me, Samantha Powers, Julia Grisemer 
This campaign is not associated with and does not reflect the brand shown. This artwork is solely for the purpose of personal student portfolio use.
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